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I know I talk a lot about skincare on my Instagram, but it’s something that I’m VERY passionate about….I mean, I even wanted to be a dermatologist! Having struggled with severe acne in the later part of my highschool years and well into college, I know how excruciatingly painful it is emotionally and physically to struggle with skin issues. There are days where you feel like crying and rolling up into a ball and just wish it would all go away….yes, I’ve been there!

I really think that something the skincare industry in the US is lacking is ingredient transparency and education. When I was struggling with my skin, my first reaction was to try any and all products. However, this usually went on to cause more harm than good because it would dry out my skin to the extreme, where it was red and peeling….adding to my distress instead of calming my skin like ads and commercials make you think.

Did you guys know that there are over  80,000 chemicals on the market today, many of which DO NOT have any safety data at all? Furthermore, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has NO power whatsoever to remove harmful ingerdients from our beauty and skincare!

I’ve always known that the US was well behind our Asian and European counterparts when it comes to skincare technology, but I had no idea that we were also leagues behind in product safety as well. As of 2009 the EU has banned over 1300 chemicals and restricted the use of 500 others in the use of their beauty and skincare products that are known to cause cancer, genetic mutations, and even infertility. That’s A LOT more than the US, which has only restricted the use of 30 chemicals and banned only 11 chemicals as of this year, though this is partially due to the fact that cosmetic regulations haven’t been updated in the US since the 1938. I know what you’re thinking…..HOWWWW????

Having done a lot of research on skincare and ingredients, I am a huge proponent of safe skincare and cosmetics. These are products that we put on our skin (the largest organ on the human body!) daily after all! In the last few years, I’ve grown increasingly fond of a more natural approach to skincare and try to use brands that are conscious of the health of their consumers and the environment, but it wasn’t always so easy. As much as I support “clean” cosmetics, a few years ago it was difficult to find products that made use of organic, natural, or sustainable ingredients that still performed well, looked beautiful, had eco-friendly packaging, but were still indulgent and luxurious. To find a brand like Beautycounter is an absolute dream, and I’m so happy they reached out to share their products and brand mission with me, and in turn, I can share that with all of you!

Beautycounter Product Reviews

I’m so excited to share with you all a review of the 5 products I tried from Beautycounter. While these items were sent to me as a gift from the brand, the thoughts and opinions are all my own.

1. No. 2 Facial Plumping Mist

I am so in love with the pink and gold packaging of this mist! Alcohol-free and infused with peony root extract, this facial mist helps to minimize the appearance of fine lines and refresh the skin. I usually use this facial spray to prep my skin before makeup, but it can also be used to set makeup or as a quick boost of hydration!  The scent is a little unusual to my nose and I can’t pin exactly what it smells like, but I would describe it as a light floral scent that isn’t obtrusive and vanishes quite quickly

2. Cleansing Balm

I love products that can multi-task and this cleansing balm is no exception! Whether used as a daily cleanser, makeup remover, or an overnight sleeping mask, this cleansing balm is definitely a triple threat! It also comes with a small plastic spatula to prevent contamination when scooping the product out of the jar as well as a muslin cloth that can be used with the balm to cleanse and gently exfoliate skin. For facial cleansers, I always look for products that are sulfate free because ingredients like SLS tend to be irritating and strip the skin of moisture. Take a look at the ingredient list for this cleansing balm, and you’ll only find a myriad of nutrient rich oils and vitamins that help to brighten and nourish the skin. What I loved most about this product is that it didn’t make my skin feel uncomfortably tight after cleansing, in fact, my skin felt soft and hydrated even before using any other products! 

3. Overnight Resurfacing Peel

My new favorite product!!! I’m a huge proponent of using acid exfoliators. With my extremely dry skin, I have to pay extra care to make sure that I’m exfoliating enough, but not too much. While my skin is dry, it’s also very sensitive and doesn’t respond well to abrasive scrubs. This serum is formulated with an AHA/BHA combination of  glycolic, malic, and lactic acids to gently break down the “glue” that holds skin cells together, while hyalauronic acid and other fatty acids nourish the skin and prevent irritation from dryness that can occur from over-exfoliating. Normally acid exfoliators should only be used 2-3 times a week, especially if they’re concentrated, but this serum is so gentle that it can be used everyday.  I myself tried to use the serum once daily before bed for a week straight, and I’m happy to report that even my extremely sensitive skin had no signs of irritation—only plump, smooth, radiant skin each morning! 

4. Rejuvenating Radiance Serum

Formulated with Vitamin C and marine extracts, this serum helps to combat uneven skin tone and wrinkles. I tried using this serum morning and night, and on days that I used it, my skin was definitely glowing and smooth. I noticed hyper pigmented areas lightening up, and my skin retained more moisture than usual, which is a MAJOR PLUS! The serum is silky smooth in texture, absorbs easily and effortlessly, and has a light citrus scent that is reminiscent of a cleanser I used in high school (definite nostalgia every time I use it!). 

5. No. 1 Brightening Facial Oil

If you’ve read this far down, you might have realized that I’m really big on brightening and hydrating products. This is another one of those products! Having struggled with severe acne in the past, I used to be horrified of the idea of putting oil on my face. As I did more research into skincare, I found that it really depends on the composition and nature of the oil that you’re using that determines whether or not it’s comedongenic (pore clogging). I now really enjoy incorporating oils as the last step of my skincare routine, and was so happy to find out that avocado oil (one of my faves) is one of the main ingredients in this product! Developed with over 7 natural, nutrient rich oils, this oil has a light citrus scent and absorbs into the skin seamlessly, leaving a healthy and bright glow. 

In Conclusion… I’ve been using and incorporating these Beautycounter products into my skincare routine for a little over a month now, and don’t plan on stopping them anytime soon! I really love discovering new brands, especially ones that align with my values and lifestyle. What do you think about these products and do you have any product recommendations? I’d love to hear about them in the comments or as always, you can find me on my social media channels linked at the top of the page! 

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