Blue Jeans

Hi Everyone!

So these denim shorts are my first pair…..well…ever! I know, I know, who doesn’t own a pair of denim shorts right? Especially shocking since denim cutoffs seem to be the fashion staple of every girl in Southern California. But I have to admit, while they are a little cliché , there’s also a timeless quality about them, which makes me reach for them more often than not on scorching hot days. Perhaps they’ll find their way into my list of fashion staples now??

I paired  my new shorts with a loose button down, sleeves rolled up, for a relaxed vibe. This tops is one of my favorites, and I especially love the black stripe down the back. Very tuxedo like.
Let me know what you think!

Blouse//No Rest For Bridget (last worn here)
Shorts//Forever 21
Shoes//Christian Louboutin (also worn here and here)
casual outfit