This is absolutely my new favorite hairstyle!! I realize my bun is practically as big as my head…but that makes it all the more glamorous, right? Another plus, is it’s super easy to do and really quick. Perfect for those days that you just don’t have time to do your hair.

I’m wearing a gold brocade dress over a navy silk blouse. I told you guys I was crazy about shiny/metallic things! I think I’m just drawn to luxurious fabrics in general like silk, satin, brocade…etc.
I just feel like they are so easy to wear, like you never have to try too hard to make them look good. They just naturally seem so glamorous and chic and don’t require much accessorizing, since they standout so well on their own.

Shirt//Express (also worn here)
Shoes//Christian Louboutin (also worn here)
brocade dress