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I’m currently channeling my inner nerd with these new glasses from Firmoo! Although I usually wear contacts, I like having a spare pair of glasses handy for days spent lounging around at home and watching TV/movies at night, since I have a tendency to fall asleep
Self-proclaimed as the “most popular online eyeglasses store,”  Firmoo carries a huge variety of prescription and sunglasses for both men and women at extremely affordable prices. And when I say extremely affordable, I mean under $100.
I found the ordering experience to be extremely streamlined and easy. I picked out the pair of glasses I wanted, then input my prescription, and I was good to go! I ordered prescription glasses, but non-prescription lenses are also available for those of you who just want to play with the nerdy look! Firmoo has a bunch of add-ons that are available for your glasses at pretty affordable prices as well , such as lens tinting, anti-glare coatings, polycarb lenses, as well as super thin lenses.
I know ordering glasses online seems pretty iffy since you can’t physically try them on, but that problem is solved with the virtual “try on” feature on the website.  You can upload a picture of yourself, or take a picture with your webcam. It’s pretty simple to do and I think gives a nice preview of how the glasses would look on your face.
All of the glasses come with a hard plastic case, a soft traveling pouch, a cleaning cloth, and a mini-repair kit that includes extra screws and mini screwdriver. I really love that you get a repair kit, as sometimes those screws can come undone after a while. As for the glasses themselves, they’re great! The lens prescription is perfect, and the glasses feel super light-weight and are very comfortable to wear.  And since they’re inexpensive, I don’t worry so much about them, since they’re always replaceable!
You guys can also get a free pair of glasses too! Firmoo currently has a promotion going on allowing new customers to receive a free pair of glasses. All you have to do is pay shipping! Check out the details here!
Check them out and let me know what you guys think! Also, see my other posts ft. Firmoo here , here, and here
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