Rainy Days and Mondays

It’s been raining lately, which is amazing because I had a chance to break out my rain boots!! Living in Southern California it probably rains like 3 times a year…and is mostly sunny every other day. I really like rainy weather, especially when I can just cuddle up at home with my boyfriend, some hot tea, and a good movie. It is a pain when I have class though, since walking around campus and sitting through hours of classes soaking wet is not an ideal situation.

Today I saw the new movie “Immortals,” which was actually really good! I really like how they designed the costume for the gods, who were all wearing gold and seemed to be glowing all the time. It definately made them look luxe and regal. It’s hard to find good movies nowadays…it seems all the good storylines have already been done and everything seems really redundant. But I highly recommend this movie if you like Greek mythology and all that stuff ( I know I do!).

Enjoy the pictures!

Sweater: Vintage
Skirt: Abercrombie
Rain Boots: Henri Bendel

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