Holiday Gift Guide 2018

True and Co bra

I know this is going up rather late, but better late than never right?!? I know how difficult it can be to shop for Christmas gifts, so I partnered with some brands to show you all some cool options that are not only practical, but that also look beautiful and luxurious. The price points vary from very inexpensive to more expensive and there’s definitely products for everyone, male or female! Take a look at my holiday gift guide as I go through all the gifts I plan on giving this holiday season and let me know what you think in the comments! 

One of my personal favorite gifts to receive is Jewelry.Typical of a girl right? If it’s gold or sparkly, send it my way!!! My favorite new jewelry brand that I discovered this year is Grand Avenue Jewelry. Their pieces are not only beautiful, but they are double gold plated to last long and are at such a reasonable price point (many of the pieces are under $100)! My favorite pieces are definitely the Tassell Earrings(found here) and the Orb Hoop Earrings (found here). 

Polk Paper Custom Stationary

Pretty lingerie is never a bad idea! Whether for your closest BFF’s or for your significant other, these pretty pieces from True and Co. are both beautiful and comfy! My favorites pieces are the lace bralette and the v-neck bralette found here and here. If matching sets are more your thing, definitely check out the pink set in the photo above (top found here, bottoms found here).  

I’ve always loved handwritten notes! The idea that someone actually took the time out of their busy day to sit and write out a card or a note is so heart warming to me, especially in a day and age where instant gratification and electronic devices reign supreme. Call me old fashioned, but there’s definitely something about sending and receiving a handwritten card or note that’s just so special, and what a better way to do it than with a custom stationary set! Whether you get it for yourself to send cards like I did or are buying them as a gift for someone special, these custom stationary cards from Polk Paper are my go-to! I especially love the lined envelopes,which come in so many different prints and patterns! I loved the shoe pattern so much I actually got a matching print from the original artist, Kate Murphy!(Find the Gucci shoe print here, Orange envelopes here, and Shoe print set here). 

High Notes Candles

I am the type of person who is extremely thoughtful with their gifts and for many of my close friends and family, I start thinking of Christmas gifts options during Summer. I always want to make sure that the gift is not only something that the person will enjoy, but also that it speaks to their own individuality as well.  However, for people who I may not know well or for professional gifts, I always gravitate towards something that’s useful as well as beautiful. This year, I opted for deliciously scented,natural candles, my favorite teas, and of course candy. 

Sugarfina gummy bears

These candles from High Notes are not only gorgeous in their all black and white packaging, but they also smell divine! The candles are handcrafted from coconut and soy waxes, scented with essential oils and natural fragrances,and wicked with natural braided cotton, which means they are clean burning and non-toxic! These luxurious candles come in a nice variety of scents that are perfect for men and women alike! My personal favorite scents are Juicy, which smells sweet and fruity (found here), and Sgt. Pepper, which is a little more masculine (found here). 

I discovered Sugarfina a few years ago and I’ll admit every time I’m at the mall I stop by their store for a little taste of whatever their sampling that day. My favorites to give as gifts are the baby gummy bears, which I’ve chosen in Bourbon (here), Champange (here), and Rose this year!

Thoughtfully tea gift guide 2018

Aside from candles and candy, I think one of the safest things to give is tea! I myself am an avid tea lover and drinker, so I chose to give some of my friends this year some of my favorite tea from Lupicia, my favorite tea brand. I personally chose the flavor”Jingle Bells” which is currently sold out, but I’ve tried so many of their tea flavors and honestly haven’t ever been disappointed by any of them! You can find them here. If you’re not sure what kinds of teas or flavors are best, I suggest getting a set like this Thoughtfully Variety Tea Set (found here), which is beautifully wrapped and includes several exquisite flavors like Berry Hibiscus and Jasmine. 

For my favorite men in my life, I like giving gifts that are useful and also a tad luxurious because I don’t know about you all, but the guys I know could use a little more luxury in their lives in MY opinion (I think everyone needs a little more luxury :P)! For these special guys, I’m giving Travertine Shower Spray Sets (found here), which are AMAZING in the Winter, especially when you’re sick and all stuffy and congested. A couple sprays in a hot steamy shower and they’ll clear you right up!  Another great option is shaving products and accessories—I really like shopping for these at The Art of Shaving because their products smell good, work well, and the packaging is perfect for gifting. Find the beard oil I bought and am gifting here.

gift guide 2018 beauty
Keratase Hair and Dollface Beauty

I’m sure we all know someone who is obsessed with beauty and skincare products. I personally love skincare and often find myself gifting my latest favorite skincare products to my favorite people. I’ve been loving Dollface Beauty lately for their clean, non-toxic, and effective products which also come in BEAUTIFUL packaging! So perfect for the skincare connoisseur in your life! For a more simple, and gender-neutral option, look no further than Asarai products, which come in these cool, bright yellow tubes and packaging. They are also natural and effective, while also appealing to those individuals who like a no-fuss approach to their skincare routine. I personally love the milk cleanser (found here) and the clay mask (found here).   

Viktor and Rolf Magic Fragrance set
limecrime lipstick and eyeshadow palette

If you have a little more flexibility in your Christmas spending budget, this perfume gift set from Victor and Rolf is so gorgeous! With slim vials and multi-colored pastel hues in 5 fantasy inducing scents, this set would make any luxury babe happy seeing this under the Christmas tree! I haven’t personally picked my favorite scent out of the 5 yet, but I also haven’t heard any complaints when giving these as gifts either! Quite the contrary  😉. You can find the set here.  Another luxury gift that I would personally love to receive, is the Keratase Chronologiste gift set, which also comes with a candle in the famous Chronologiste scent (found here).

For those of you who are on a budget this holiday season or for those who are looking for the best stocking stuffers, look no further! These Venus XS eyeshadow palettes are so cute and come in Silver, Gold, and Rose gold shades (found here, here, and here). I personally love the Lime Crime brand because they are vegan and cruelty-free! If you’ve never tried their Velveteen Lipsticks, which they’re FAMOUS for, definitely check out this Lime Crime Lipstick Spinner, which comes with 3 Velveteen Liquid Lipsticks and 3 Mini Wet Glosses (found here)! Last but not least, Jori lashes makes the most amazing, soft, fluttery, mink lashes that are also PRE-GLUED!!! That’s right! Pre-glued! No more fussing with lash glue, which is especially helpful when travelling! I’ll definitely be giving these out as stocking stuffers this year and will be taking a couple pairs with me during my Christmas trip next week! You can find these amazing lashes here


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