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I seriously love to eat! Here’s some pictures of what I’ve been enjoying lately. It was my first time trying takoyaki (a japanese snack food)…..I think I have a serious addiction now! 
1. Flatbread from the Lazy Dog Cafe
2. Preparation of takoyaki in front of Marukai
3. My delicious takoyaki!
4. Some side dishes from BCD Tofu House
Some pictures of things I love about Fall!
1. Halloween Candy….because who doesn’t love some chocolate? 🙂
2. It’s persimmon season…I really love these!
3/4. This time of year, I usually bake a lot. It just seems right, especially for the holidays. on the left is apple pie and on the right are strawberry tarts.
1. I always order the same thing at BCD, beef sundubu
2. My daily starbucks 🙂
3. My very sleepy dog, Ace
4. I attended the OC Car Show a few weeks ago


1. I LOOVEE my new Zara boots! They look very similar to the Givenchy ones don’t they?
2./3. I change my nail polish a lot. My current favorites are Big Apple Red by OPI and Wicked by ESSIE
4. And as you know, I recently dyed my hair. My favorite part about going to the salon is looking at these Japanese fashion magazines (even though I can only look at the pictures since they’re in Japanese!)
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