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I know I talk a lot about skincare on my Instagram, but it’s something that I’m VERY passionate about….I mean, I even wanted to be a dermatologist! Having struggled with severe acne in the later part of my highschool years and well into college, I know how excruciatingly painful it is emotionally and physically to …

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I always knew I wanted to go to medical school…or at least I thought I did…

 Hi guys! Thank you for joining me on this crazy blogging journey. If you’re new here, find out why I decided to re-brand my blog in my previous welcome post! Otherwise, keep reading to find out what I was up to during my VERY VERY long hiatus from the blogosphere!

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New Beginning-Welcome to Avec Nou!

  Welcome to Avec Nou by Minou! I’ve been absent from the blogosphere (do we still call it that??!) for some time now….might I even say years? I didn’t mean to fall off the map and I apologize for leaving everyone hanging without so much as an explanation, but I’ll be touching on that in …