Jet Setter

The last day of my trip, I spent the morning at Santana Row. This outdoor shopping mall has a very laid back feel to it, with bunches of nice restaurants, bakeries, and of course great stores to shop in! My boyfriend and I had lunch at Left Bank Brasserie. The food was delicious, but my favorite dish had to be the salad with heirloom tomatoes. I normally don’t like tomatoes much, but these tomatoes were really sweet and delicious! I really love walking down Santana Row as the scenery is really picturesque with lots of trees lining the streets and apartments above the shops.

To fly home, I threw on my blue Zara blazer. I always seem to get cold on airplanes. Although I know it’s not really practical, I try to dress nicely to fly instead of wearing sweat pants and flip flops. I like thinking about old movies and the days when travelling was a special occasion to dress up for. Perhaps it’s because i’ve never been on a flight longer than 5 hours? What do you wear when you travel? Do you like to get dressed up or do you like to dress down and relax?

Shirt: Marc Jacobs // Purse: Louis Vuitton // Shoes: Halogen