Casual Style In Jeans and Jewels

casual style

Because you just can’t be dressed up all the time… On days when I just don’t feel like dressing up, I really love a jeans and T-shirt combo. I really don’t like looking sloppy though, so I added a tuxedo vest and statement necklace. I think statement jewelry is really a great way to pull …


Blue Jeans

Hi Everyone! So these denim shorts are my first pair…..well…ever! I know, I know, who doesn’t own a pair of denim shorts right? Especially shocking since denim cutoffs seem to be the fashion staple of every girl in Southern California. But I have to admit, while they are a little cliché , there’s also a timeless …



I wore this outfit on Sunday to go out to dinner with my boyfriend. It’s quite casual, but I love how the petals cascade down the blouse. I’m not sure if you can see, but the top also has tear shaped crystals in between some of the petals as well. It makes the top so …